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L2 Expert

About Lineage 2 Expert Free Private Server l2expert.ru is a FREE Low Rate Lineage 2 Professional Private Server running latest Homunculus game mechanics. This server took 14 years of development and it started in 2005. It is the only private server with retail NPC, Item, Skill game mech..


Server Complex Lineage 2 Fafurion. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - Online Support 24/7 - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Protection - Unique bot protection - Powerful Server and dedicated ..


L2-ONLINE.RU - СКОРО ОТКРЫТИЕ! - Хроники сервера: GRAND CRUSADE - Премиум аккаунт всем новичкам - Бонусы на открытии - Бонусы переходящим кланам - Рейты на опыт и адену от ..
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