L2 Expert

Адрес http://l2expert.ru
Хроники GoD и выше
Голосов 3
Хиты 138
Страна Russia RU
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About Lineage 2 Expert Free Private Server l2expert.ru is a FREE Low Rate Lineage 2 Professional Private Server running latest Homunculus game mechanics. This server took 14 years of development and it started in 2005. It is the only private server with retail NPC, Item, Skill game mechanics and No Wipes, that offers to our players a unique gaming environmnet, access to all in game content without exception, exceptionally good working class skills, class mechanics, game mechanics overall and NO Pay2Win Donations. Everything in game can be obtained without donations. We are developing our own server core and content, everything on this server is unique, and our team is constantly working on development, constant updates, updated geodata, offering our players the Best Lineage 2 Experience. There is No Wipe Ever, - everything in game can be aquired, with no exceptions, by simply playing.



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